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Archaeological reconstructions and model construction


It is our most important task to make history understandable.

Reconstructions and models are the best means for it.

at the Shop: We supplemented the dimensions for most of our products.

  What does it mean: FRISIUS-F?

The Romans knew already company names and marked their products with this name. AS seen at the "Firmenlampen", which were already manufactured as mass product. As example for this a lamp of FORTIS (not to confound with the bank and insurance company Fortis).

The name Frisius is called on German "Friese". The ancestors of the firm founder Theodorus Andela originate from Friesland. Therefore in "Roman circles" Theodorus is called "the Friese" (FRISIUS).




The F stands for fecit

shortened "f." oder "fec." originates from latin (eng.: made it), together with the Signum (signature) of the artist or manufacturer it marks the product.

The signature 


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